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Aluminum kitchens appeared in the Malaysian market in 2008, and swept the world of kitchens well, because of their many advantages compared to wood kitchens.

Aluminum kitchens are not limited to panels only, but the entire kitchen is made of aluminum metal.

These kitchens have several advantages, which made them the favorite of senior kitchen designers, and these features helped them spread in the market.

Aluminum is characterized by the following properties:

Hardness and durability.
The possibility of diversity in designs.
light weight;
It is not flammable.
It is recyclable.
But before we start talking about the advantages of aluminum kitchens, we will talk about the types and designs of kitchens in general.

Different types of kitchens
There are many types of kitchens in the market, the most famous of which are:

Wood: It was common in the past, but it is disappearing, and that:
Especially with the remarkable progress in the kitchen industry, the multiplicity of its types, and the materials at its end.
Also, because wooden kitchens have many disadvantages, the most important of which are: the growth of insects, and the difficulty of cleaning.
Aluminum kitchens: They have several advantages, which make them the first consideration when choosing your kitchen.
Kitchens “Khashmoneum”: the kitchen of aluminum and external dishes.
“Acrylic” Sheets: An external industrial manufacture of the panels from a material, “Acrylic”, the appearance of a lens with a smooth texture and high resistance to breakage.
Kitchens “Polylac”: the panels are environmentally multi-layered, they are distinguished by their high scratch resistance, with the highest level of glossiness, which is like looking in the mirror.
PVC Kitchens: Materials Materials (polyvinyl chloride) / (polyvinyl chloride), which is a common material used in building materials, windows, doors, etc., due to its advantages such as fire resistance, in addition to its attractive appearance.

kitchen designs
There are many designs for kitchens, such as:

1. Single wall kitchens
This design is one of the small kitchen designs, and the usual kitchen triangle is not allowed.

The “kitchen triangle” is:

The space in the kitchen and the way you move between the three most important elements which are the stove, the three, and the kitchen sink.

The more successful the kitchen design, the more easily you will move between those elements who are the focus of work in any kitchen.

In the design of single-wall kitchens, the refrigerator is placed at the beginning of the kitchen, the stove in the middle and the sink at the end, with simple cabinets used to store cooking utensils.

2. L-shaped Kitchens
The kitchen is L-shaped, and the kitchen may be small or large in size, and it consists of two perpendicular walls, which makes the design practical and easy.

3. U-shaped Kitchens
The kitchen is in the shape of the letter (U), which is popular in rectangular kitchens and ensures easy movement between the kitchen triangle.

4. Island Kitchen
It is very popular in kitchens open to the living room, or American kitchens; It offers plenty of work space and multiple storage avenues.

Through this design, you can put a small dining table in the kitchen, and dispense with the table.

Features of aluminum kitchens
Among its features:

1: hardness and durability
Heat and humidity spread in the kitchen during cooking, but the aluminum kitchen is not affected by it, as it withstands high temperatures and resists moisture.

Aluminum is also characterized by its durability and longevity while retaining its luster and luster.

The quality of aluminum lies in the thickness of the panels, the higher the thickness, the greater the strength and durability.

3: water resistant
Some liquids may spill from you during cooking, or when cleaning the kitchen, which may cause rust in some parts of the kitchen.

But we find that aluminum kitchens are not affected by liquids whatsoever, and retain their luster.

4: Resistant to chemicals
One of the most important advantages of aluminum is that it is covered with a layer of oxide, which represents protection against chemicals, as it is a stable metal and does not interact with other materials.

5: healthy and non-toxic
We find that wood kitchens emit an odor over time, unlike aluminum kitchens, which do not have an odor in the long term and are healthy.

The reason for this is that aluminum does not contain “toxic formaldehyde” and has a non-porous surface, which does not allow the growth of bacteria and microorganisms that cause odor.

6: Easy to clean
We find that aluminum kitchens are easy to clean, impermeable to liquids, and do not require much effort like wood kitchens.

You can also clean the kitchen by using a clean cloth with cleaning liquid, which saves time and effort.

7: stainless steel
We find that the nature of aluminum metal and the outer oxide crust protects the kitchen from rust, over time, and with constant cleaning.

8: fire retardant
One of the most important features is that these kitchens are flame retardant, ensuring safety while you are in the kitchen.

Unlike other types of kitchens that ignite easily, aluminum is non-flammable and can withstand high temperatures.

9: Various designs
Some may think that aluminum kitchens have the same color and boring design, but this is a misconception.

As you can choose the appropriate design and color for your home, with the ability to customize the shape of the cabinets and drawers to your liking, making you feel comfortable in your kitchen.

10: Resistant to insects
Insects are the biggest problem in wood kitchens, especially termites.

But with aluminum kitchens, you can forget about this problem because of its non-porous surface, which prevents the growth of bacteria and pests.

Disadvantages of aluminum kitchens
There are no significant drawbacks, except that it sometimes makes a noise when closing the “window”.

the cost
The price of aluminum kitchen cabinets is a little higher than wood kitchens, but don’t forget, dear, that aluminum kitchen cabinets have a longer life compared to traditional wood cabinets.

And don’t be fooled by the cheap prices, they indicate the low quality of aluminum.

The difference between “aluminum” kitchens and “alumetal” kitchens
Aluminum is a shiny silvery metal, and the thirteenth element in the periodic table, meaning it is a metal, which means that it is a good conductor of heat and electricity, and is resistant to rust.

It is also the most common metal in the earth; It represents more than 8% of the Earth’s primary mass.

The “aluminum kitchens” are all made of aluminum.

But we find that in “alumetal kitchens”, the inner structure is made of fiber or glass, and only the outer layer is aluminum.