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Do you know about aluminum doors and windows?

– aluminum parts

      Detailed sectors for aluminum doors and windows

Aluminum doors and windows depend on three systems (sliding – hinge – tipper) and there is a combination of these systems. It does not consume an area in the room, but you can use half the area of ​​​​the window only, and there are 4 windowsills, 6 leaves and 3, but not all the pieces

The new generation of aluminum windows, which are 3 sashes and 6 sashes, and this type is characterized by occupying 1/3 of the area of ​​the window or balcony only (the picture is from half in the 2 and 4 sashes), making the use of the space larger as possible, because this type is one of the three types of curtains with three sashes And the jars (zippers) that slide the flap behind easily and don’t forget that the pieces are as simple as good provisions

Hinged windows, and hinged windows, which are the windows that open, and are opened, and are opened in the opening, and it is a unique space.

The third system, which is the flipping system, is often used in the windows of the bathroom, kitchen and offices, sometimes, and companies are one shutter and open from the top side only towards the inside.

A system is a mixture of the two systems and the two systems in an intersystem system.

But its accessories are not widely available

the glass There are several types of glass, including


Ordinary glass covered with a thin layer of minerals to reduce the impact of the sun, the use of minerals gives the glass the feature of opacity on the side of the layer, where the person cannot see through the glass (and it reflects the sun’s light and sees it during the day, so you cannot see what is behind the glass, but it reveals what is behind the glass at night When the interior lighting and reduces the temperature in the room)

There are several colors (black – brown – green…), including sapphire or frosted.

Including transparent glass, including Islamic, crystal and armed glass used in the external gates. Thicknesses of the glass start from 3 mm up to 12 mm and the glass is used according to the size of the shutter opening, including single glass, that is, one bottle in the shutter, and there is double glass (sound and heat blocker) that is double glass and mostly In the single glass, the thickness of the glass is 6 mm. As for the double, it is preferable to have a glass of 6 mm thickness, then an insulating spacer with a thickness of (6-9-12) mm, then a glass of 6 mm, and it is preferable that the glass be secured against breakage.

Sliding windows (the zipper) and they are made up of two sashes, one of which slides behind the other when opened, and the other type is the hinged windows, which are one sash and are similar to doors in opening them, which is better, but their fault is that they take up space in the room in which the window is opened when it is opened. There are flip windows, which are one shutter and open from the top side only towards the inside and are often used in toilets, may God bless you. As for their sectors, there are two types of aluminum sectors, which are: the first type (private sectors), which are sectors that are drawn specifically for a particular factory, as this The factory owns the mold for this sector, and no other factory can obtain the same sector, and the thickness of these sectors is often high (1.8 mm or 2 mm) to suit all projects, but the price per square meter is very high because the sector is private and there is no competing in the same sector.

The second type (commercial sectors), which are sectors that are withdrawn to all factories and workshops and are available to everyone, the most famous of which is the Saraya sector, and its thickness starts from (0.8 mm to 2 mm) and its thickness varies to suit all requests and its prices also suit all classes and start Prices are for the regular sector per meter. Double-glazed for the Saraya sector, but competition between factories that use commercial sectors is fierce, and therefore the customer notices differences in prices between factories.

1- Aluminum strip width

The width of the sectors starts from 8 cm up to 15 cm. Of course, the wider the sector, the stronger it is, noting that the market in the market is the 10 cm and 12 cm sector.

2- Aluminum thickness

And this is the decisive factor in the quality of aluminum, as the thickness of the sectors starts from 0.8 mm and ends with 2 mm, and the higher the thickness, the better and more expensive the sector.

– Aluminum extrusion factory. This point is especially important in large projects. Knowing the factory producing aluminum is important to ensure quality because the customer does not know anything, but the owner of the profession can differentiate between good and bad aluminum, as well as aluminum paint.

4- Accessories There are many accessories and it is difficult to talk about all of them, but the best of them are Italian and even Italian. The best handles and hinges are the type (Savio), so the factory must be required to install Italian accessories, especially Savio because it is the best and most expensive.

5- Assembling the corners The method of assembling the corners varies. There is the normal method, which is assembling the corners with screws, and there is the method of assembly by pressing, which is a mechanism and uses a special machine to press the corners after placing special corners for them, then the machine presses them, and there is a welding method, i.e. welding the corners so that the window is one piece But this method is very rarely used because the price of welding is very expensive and the best is pressing.

6- glass

There are many types of glass, some of them are transparent and some are reflective (reflecting vision during the day, so you cannot see behind the glass, but it reveals what is behind the glass at night) and frosted ones (you cannot see through the glass) and there are also thicknesses of glass starting from 3 mm up to 12 mm And the glass is used according to the size of the shutter opening, including single glass, that is, one bottle in the shutter, and there is double glass, i.e. double glass, and mostly in single glass, glass thickness of 6 mm. As for the double, the best is glass thickness of 6 mm, then spacer insulator thickness of 12 mm, then glass 6 mm (24 mm). mm) and it is preferable that the glass be tempered, i.e. securit against breakage.

7- Installation The window should be fixed with long screws in all directions, taking into account that the silicon used is either German, which is better, or American, so that it does not fall out later.

When designing the house, it is better that the window openings be rectangular or square, because the arches are very difficult or impossible to be accurate, and therefore water and dust infiltrate, and I advise staying away from the arches.

the doors

They are very similar to windows and differ only in the hinges. The best hinges for doors are the Savio hinges. The thickness and manufacture of the formica used in the door must be taken into account.

The facades of the cardboard and the Structural wall

And they are the facades of buildings and also similar to the way the windows above