Establishing electricity is one of the most important items. The work on the site depends on high experience and was supervised by the highest level of vigilance and experience from the engineer and the responsible supervisor.

It is the second business item and can be implemented in parallel with the establishment of sanitary works (plumbing) on the site. The item is divided into two main parts, namely, the establishment and finishing.

Establishment, which means the stage of laying and installing cans, hoses, boots, assembly cans, and all the work buried in the walls. It is also possible that at this stage, wires are pulled out, or wires may be pulled to a later stage and pulleys are pulled instead to help pull the wires later easily. .


Finishing the works (finish), which means the stage of completing the works and includes pulling the wires (if they were not previously pulled), opening the sockets in the suspended ceilings, installing switches, sockets, and chassis for cans and locking the partitions panel. This stage can be divided to several successive stages in parallel with the rest of the work on the site (especially the discussion works)


And the work is received from the engineer with the highest quality of experience

And the receipt will be as follows:

1- Ensure the horizontality and balance of the buried cans, boots and plates.

2- Make sure that the tensioners are present before tightening the wire.

3- Make sure that each pipe has no wires more than half of its cross-sectional area

4- Make sure that the electrical wires, TV wires, and telephone wires are in separate pipes

5- Ensure that each air conditioner has a separate circuit breaker in the panel.

6- Ensure that each room has a separate partition in the panel.

7- Not to open the spots in the borrowed ceilings except after supplying one spot as a sample for opening according to its size.

8- Do not install the final electrical noise, nor the switches, nor the sockets, or the spotlights, until after the discussion work is completely completed.