Finishing your residential unit is as important as choosing your home You deserve to give it the same attention to detail and accuracy in the selection, as you give the choice of the location of your home. To get a safe and comfortable home for you and your family for as long as possible.The apartment The apartment is finished on different corners and items, the most important of which is the plumbing work corner.

All building maintenance works with the latest equipment and under engineering supervision, with an integrated engineering consultancy department and a staff of workers at the highest level of experience Quality of work, avoiding errors and fixing all kinds of problems in different business items

2:Roof Repair

All ceiling repair
Restoration of rusted steel roofs
The ceiling is affected by the problem of iron rust, and the accompanying cracks appear from below, and then the concrete cover begins to disintegrate and fall.
This problem is caused by either a water leak from the upper floor if the last roof is left unprotected and exposed to the elements.
Therefore, we resort to the restoration process after calculating the cost and comparing it with the possibility of pouring a new roof or carrying out the restoration process.
The steps of the recovery process are summarized in the following steps

Roof Repair

Cracking the white layer and the concrete covering layer of the roof from below

Check the condition of the rebar. If the sector of any of the rails has decreased by 20% or more, it must be replaced as shown below.

Sand the good rails with mechanical means such as rocketry or sandblasting – even better – if at all possible. Once sanded, the bars are then coated with a rust-resistant material such as Kima Boxy 131 or Araco ZR 130 by sandblasting to increase the sticking strength of the sticks to the new mortar.

Remove invalid skewers and plant new ashes in their place with Chema Boxi 165, Sicador 31, Araco IB, or Anchor

Coating around the skewers with a mortar consisting of basalt gravel, cement and sand with Cicalatex, Adibond 65 or Araco latex and Interplast Z

White roof with a high percentage of cement

3:Gas network installation


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