Maintenance Works

All building maintenance works with the latest equipment and under engineering supervision, with an integrated engineering consultancy department and a staff of workers at the highest level of experience
Quality of work, avoiding errors and fixing all kinds of problems in different business items
Maintenance for any building in particular residential buildings means a set of scientific and administrative techniques that include complete supervision of the building after its implementation and throughout its life to preserve its architectural, structural, mechanical and other components … or rehabilitate it again so that it is usable and performs its functions in a satisfactory manner for residential buildings.

Since all residential buildings deteriorate over time, it was necessary to carry out comprehensive maintenance of these buildings of all kinds to protect them from deterioration and damage that make them unusable with a threat to the health and safety of their occupants. The environmental and structural levels, the level of finishing, the legal requirements, the used building materials and their quality before and after construction, the level of maintenance required for the residential building, and the provision of support and financing for it.

In addition to this, the high cost of the components of any residential building, which requires maintaining and maintaining them from all influences that lead to a decrease in their life span.

Hence the urgent need for clear information on comprehensive maintenance of its various types to help landlords, tenants and those who perform maintenance work to maintain their buildings and prevent damage and damage to them.

The residential building is maintained by performing the correct maintenance of all kinds for all components of the building and without exception for any part of it.

The problem lies in ignoring, marginalizing, neglecting or postponing maintenance in order to reduce its expenses.