Interior & Fit-out Works

commercial & Industrial Interiors
Design at the highest level of experience in the architectural design of architectural spaces for commercial and industrial buildings under a cadre of engineers, obtaining the necessary licenses, showing an integrated three-dimensional architecture, and implementing all business items with the best quality and the fastest time and under technical, engineering and consultant supervision

Residential Interiors
Interior design for different residential spaces
It lies in creating a harmonious design that is pleasing to the eye, combining your vision of the house with the opinion and experience of the architects, based on the latest designs and capabilities, we can provide a state of simplicity and sophistication. time. The interior design includes: a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a conference hall, a hall, a children’s room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

A study of the existing spaces to distribute the spaces on an engineering basis that serves the client comfortably in terms of space and architectural beauty.

- Get 3D decoration drawings with the latest engineering software and modern interior decoration graphics

Making different two-dimensional residential architectural drawings - and construction drawings - and making all engineering drawings to issue a building permit

Bedroom interior design

From different color options to different styles and styles, explore our bedroom designs and create a space for yourself that will help you sleep better. Our contemporary designs will be the perfect choice for your bedroom, providing you with comfort, luxury and total relaxation. Discover new ways to personalize your bedroom with thoughtfully designed beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, chandeliers, and more.

The outside space of your home is not more important than the inside of the house, on the contrary, it may be more important because it puts you in front of others, so we have designs that express you for all homes, villas and palaces

There is no better, more comfortable and relaxing place than your own garden. The colors and scents of nature can give you what you need by spending enough time in your garden. We will give you some ideas to help you design comfortable spaces and distribute plants and trees in a practical and comfortable way for outdoor meetings. Make your garden a special place to have fun and spend time with family and friends.

Bed room

The living room is the center of the movement in the house, it receives great attention from all family members, where most of their time is spent on rest and entertainment, and it is also a good place to receive your guests, so getting an ideal design from an aesthetic and functional point of view is also not easy.

Living Room Design Considerations:

1- The room is oriented to the north and east and is on the view.

2- The size of the furniture should be commensurate with the size of the room so that it is easy to pass the furniture around it easily and conveniently.

3- It is preferable to use more than one light source in the living room for different activities besides natural lighting.

4- Pay attention to the location of the TV, as it should be visible to all those in the room. It is also recommended to stay away from placing the TV in front of a window, which will reflect sunlight onto the screen.

5- It is preferable to use neutral colors in the room to feel comfortable while achieving color contrast with the corresponding color used in the room accessories.

To createa comfortable living room, the distribution of its elements should be balanced by dividing it into functional areas, as well as areas for work and leisure, taking into account the size of the room

living room

Build the bathroom of your dreams with our amazing collection of bathroom design from a team of professional engineers, which offers everything you need to build a space you are looking to use. You begin and end your day in the bathroom, so it is important that it serves as a space where you feel calm, relaxed and free from the daily stresses that life brings. It doesn't matter if you're retooling a large family bathroom, updating a basement or adding a brand new en-suite; Whatever you might need, we've got you covered. Available in any style, from modern and elegant bathrooms to timeless traditional Victorian bathrooms. From early inspiration to planning